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Update: Sidequest!

2015-05-30 11:41:15 by RenfieldHarker

Previously, on Newgrounds: Renfield's Regrets, we posted news of an exciting new project, entiteld "A Sidekick's Sidequest!" Remember that? No? Well, it happened. And I regret to inform you that this project will not be seeing the light of day.
This is mostly due to my partner and collaborator, PIG-2, alerting me to the unfortunate initials of said project. It shall be henceforth known as











I'm happy to announce that sprite art, battle mechanics, and dungeon maps are progressing smoothly. Here's a preview of our intrepid sidekicks:






Top-down, left-right: A Priestess, a Medic, an Alchemist, and an Herbalist. Now, the rest of the nitty-gritty details must remain a secret, but here's a snapshot of what we hope the game to be: Four support characters in a town that sits by some enormous trade route, for hire by any hero who comes by on a quest. Three heroes require assistance: A Ranger, a Wizard, and a Knight. Choose your trade, and sally forth to assist these heroes as they duke it out with demons, delve through deadly dungeons, decimate the denizens of darkness, and destroy dastardly devils.

I'll stop. I promise. I'll be good. ;)

Well, Newgrounders, that'll be it for today. In the meantime, have fun, stay safe, and if you notice an infrathermal zoner with more than the usual number of pseudopods, be sure to make note of its spectral, extratemporal and electromagnetic qualities.

It's got my wallet.